Plastic Diet(s) for Hamburg

Using social media campaigns entitled “Plastic Diet(s) for Hamburg”, the BEF team aims to raise awareness among Hamburg residents about the environmental and health issues surrounding pollutants in plastic. The campaigns will involve them through interactive posts and inspire them with easy-to-implement instructions for how to act in a more sustainable way.

Three campaigns for this purpose will be rolled out during particularly high consumption periods during the year:

  • Easter
  • Summer holidays
  • Christmas time

To ensure that the campaigns have a wide reach, we are working with influencers, artists, and partner organizations such as environmental initiatives, schools, and sports clubs.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Plastic Diet(s) for Hamburg
  • Project Leader: BEF Deutschland e.V.
  • BEF Sector: Chemicals Management
  • Funded By: #moinzukunft – Hamburger Klimafonds
  • Duration: 01/2022 – 12/2022

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