INTERREG Change(K)now!

It is easy to find recyclable solutions for individual food packaging. But converting an entire society to circular systems is much more difficult: it requires a change in the food supply system as well as a change in awareness among the population, retailers and the administration – the reduction, avoidance and reuse of materials must be promoted.

Our Change(K)now! project aims to initiate precisely this change: from disposable to reusable – be it at events or food markets, in public catering or in the gastronomic take-away sector. To this end, we are directly addressing local authorities and municipal facilities, the delivery companies operating there and local residents.

Municipalities in particular need to become hubs of sustainability in order to meet current and future challenges. Unfortunately, they often lack knowledge on how to make circular economy routine at the food delivery level. They also need support on how to tailor solutions so that they are accepted by businesses and consumers. Accordingly, a broad and diverse group needs to be involved in finding solutions.

Likewise, manufacturing companies in the food sector are often unfamiliar with possible alternatives. The sector is booming and there are many start-ups on the market, but they are not always able to assess whether a packaging material is actually environmentally friendly or whether it is greenwashing.

The Change(K)now! project aims to encourage society to consume more sustainably in the area of food delivery systems and to switch to reuse systems. Together with representatives of municipalities from eight Baltic Sea states, environmental organizations, regional networks and authorities, local interest groups and innovation centers, research institutions as well as actors from the food industry and gastronomy, we want to develop strategic solutions.

We are ready: Change(K)now!









Project details

  • Project name: Change(K)now
  • Project management: Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Lettland
  • Thematic areas: Waste management, nature conservation and biodiversity, water management and marine protection
  • Funded by: INTERREG Baltic Sea Region
  • Duration: 01/11/2023 – 31/10/2026
  • Project website:

Participating countries

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden





Project team members:

Project management at the Baltic Environmental Forum Germany:

Other employees:

The Change(K)now! project is funded by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region program of the European Union.

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