Our philosophy

It is our vision that an environmentally friendly way of living and managing resources is commonly accepted.

Today, environment and climate protection are regarded as very essential by many people when it comes to guarantee a liveable future. The ecological movement is continuously getting stronger but progress is still too slow in most areas.

The transition towards a society without environmental destruction is highly complex, even though viable solutions are already existing in different sectors. Renewable energies, circular economy, sustainable mobility as well as stronger regulations for products and their industrial production have been proven to be successful. Many sustainable solutions already exist – but the ecological change is still delayed or blocked by powerful social, economic or political interests.

Baltic Environmental Forum wants to change the awareness and intellectual approaches of different actors, so that environmentally friendly ways of living can become a natural reality in our lives. We challenge politics, economy and society to actively take responsibility for a positive change and see it as our mission to cooperate with stakeholders to jointly develop and implement future-oriented solutions.