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October 2022 | Lessons Learned Report | Cyclurban

October 2022 | Guideline for the establishment of cargo bikes in municipalities | Cyclurban

January 2022 | Downscaling Climate Change Impacts, Socio-Economic Implications and Alternative Adaptation Pathways for Islands

January 2021 | LIFE Meadow Birds. Communication Guidebook

November 2020 | LIFE Meadow Birds. Supplementary material for guide on communication

November 2020 | LIFE Meadow Birds. Survey: Communication in LIFE Projects

October 2020 | DIY Guidebook: Detox Your Home

July 2020 | Cyclurban: A lessons-learned report

December 2019 | No witchcraft in the kitchen: Detoxify the kitchen and protect food from poisons

July 2019 | NonHazCity: A Flagship Project of The Baltic Sea Region

June 2019 | Hazardous substance reduction potential at local businesses

February 2019 | Hazardous substance reduction potentials in private households

February 2019 | ResponSEAble policy brief eutrophication

December 2018 | Chemicals in plastic- A danger to humans and the ocean

Mai 2018 | ResponSEAble Key Story - The story of eutrophication and agriculture of the Baltic Sea

Februar 2016 | Energy efficient residential buildings in Belarus

November 2015 | Recommendations for the Croatian national adaptation strategy to climate change

September 2015 | Regional Adaptation to Climate Change

July 2015 | ARCEE Study guide 1

April 2014 | Mobile 2020 Gaining Momentum

November 2012 | Mobile 2020 Handbook

Topic: Sustainable mobility

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January 2022: SUMBA+

Project SUMBA+ funded by INTERREG Baltic Sea Region presents results from the past year.