How can we ensure that we meet our climate targets and adapt as best we can to the inevitable impacts of global warming? Can adaptation measures have unexpected rebound effects on other areas of life or the economy? How great is the risk that climate protection goals will be thwarted by emission-intensive adaptation measures?

KNOWING Climate is researching different aspects of climate change in various European model regions. These include, for example, a decrease in soil fertility, heat waves or flooding. Climate adaptation and greenhouse gas mitigation measures and their interactions are being scrutinised – as is awareness and support for measures by local people.

The project will develop a modelling framework to calculate the correlations between adaptation measures and climate change mitigation strategies to determine the optimal combination. Concrete methods will then be tested and evaluated in example regions in Estonia, Germany, Italy and Spain. Based on these results, the procedure will be repeated in other regions in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Spain and Vietnam in order to develop generalisable climate protection pathways.

The Baltic Environmental Forum Germany is cooperating in KNOWING Climate with the climate protection management of the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg – an agricultural region east of Hamburg with numerous villages and smaller towns such as Geesthacht, Lauenburg, Mölln or Ratzeburg. In this pilot region, the area of agriculture in climate change is considered and the topics of drought as well as humus build-up as a carbon sink and to promote the natural resilience of soils are examined closely.

Project details

  • Project name: Knowing Climate
  • Project management: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • Subject areas: Energy & climate change
  • Funded by: Horizon
  • Duration: 06/2022 – 05/2026
  • Project website:

Participating countries

Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom

Project employees

Project management at Baltic Environmental Forum Germany:

Other employees:

  • Sophie Iraschko

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