Be it in our clothes, in our food, in our furniture or as packaging – plastic is omnipresent in our world. The problem is that plastic is often thrown away after only a few uses and is difficult or impossible to recycle. Moreover, it can cause damage to the environment and the human body. With the BaltiPlast project, we want to contribute to stemming the tide of plastic.

The aim is to find concrete solutions for reducing plastic in society and to test these solutions in pilot regions. In the sense of a circular economy, we also want to develop strategies to improve the recyclability of unavoidable plastic.

Plastic consumption in our society can only be reduced if different actors such as companies or private households work together. BaltiPlast is a platform for a diverse consortium of companies, non-governmental organizations, public authorities, and universities to promote this dialogue between stakeholders. We will work particularly closely with the district of Hamburg Bergedorf, one of the many Europe-wide pilot regions of this project.

In this way, we are working on different levels: On the one hand, we are trying to improve legal standards and technical possibilities. On the other hand, we want to actively approach authorities, companies, and consumers to educate them, encourage them to save plastic and provide them with the best possible support.

Project details

  • Projekt name: BaltiPlast
  • Project management: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • BEF sector: Marine protection and water management, Nature conservation, Sustainable lifestyles, Waste management
  • Funded by: Interreg Baltic Sea Region
  • Operational time: 01/2023 – 12/2025
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