Energy- & climate change

Energy and Climate Change

BEF Germany has been active in the fields of energy and climate change for many years. In recent years we have predominantly carried out projects dealing with energy efficiency in the building sector. The building sector offers substantial saving potentials through better insulation, more efficient technologies and changes to the consumption behaviour of the inhabitants.

Measures for better energy efficiency are almost always win-win-solutions as the saved energy not only reduces household costs but also contributes to climate protection. Energy efficiency is of enormous importance in many Central and Eastern (CEE) European countries, as energy prices have risen significantly in recent years. A large share of the building stock still needs upgrading; renewables are not yet used to a large extent and many CEE countries depend on energy imports.

Our new projects deal with the effects of climate change on European islands and possible adaptation strategies. In Belarus, we are working on climate adaptation strategies for cities and municipalities within the framework of the “Covenant of Mayers” Climate protection programme.

Contact Person

Contact Person

Matthias Grätz
Phone: +49 (0) 40 5330 7076

Damian Arikas
Phone: +49 (0) 40 5330 7084



Februar 2016 | Energy efficient residential buildings in Belarus

November 2015 | Recommendations for the Croatian national adaptation strategy to climate change

September 2015 | Regional Adaptation to Climate Change

July 2015 | ARCEE Study guide 1

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