Promoting and testing soft measures for energy saving in Croatia (ENCRO)

Energy savings cannot only be realised by measures that require investment, such as insulating roofs or outer walls, or installation of new windows. It is equally important to change the consumption patterns when it comes to energy. With a few simple measures, larger amounts of electricity or heat energy can be saved. The ENCRO project wants to provide comprehensive information to municipalities and civil society organisations on how to convince citizens to save energy and to motivate them to change their behavior.

Besides informative measures such as seminars and a conference, it is planned to carry out competitions and pilot actions in two Croatian towns.

Project activities

  • Seminar series for municipalities and civil society organisations in different locations in Croatia
  • Carrying out a competition about energy saving
  • Carrying out two pilot actions in the towns of Ivanić Grad and Koprivnica in cooperation with the municipal administration
  • Setting up a project web site with information about the project and the competition.
  • Elaboration a brochure on energy saving measures

Target groups of the project

Croatian municipalities and civil society organisations


Croatian towns go for energy saving. A report from Ivanić-Grad and Koprivnica
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Energy and climate change


Matthias Grätz
Project manager
Tel.: 040/5330 7076
Fax.: 040/5330 7084

Project duration


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Project Partners



This project is financially supported by the European Union. The Croatian Central Finance and Contracting Agency is the administering agency in Crotia.