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Survey on Fehmarn: Guests wish for eco-friendly offers

The Island Fehmarn at the german baltic coast is a very popular destination for travellers. The community of Fehmarn accomodates more than 1 million overnight stays per year, a number that is rising steadily. Tourists are very welcome! As the number of tourists is increasing, one has to face the question of how to spend a holiday more eco-friendly to save the nature as well as the climate. That’s why our project Land-Sea Act supports Fehmarn to work on a concept for sustainable tourism.

In summer 2019 we consulted 127 tourists in order to learn more about their attitude and habits towards climate- and environmental protection.

We found out that most tourists come during summertime. Familys and older couples who plan to relax at the beach, eat well, ride the bike, go shopping and make sightseeing tours are the most common visitors. To get from one place to another more easily, 95% oft the tourists take a car with them.

Furthermore we asked the visitors wether they would change their habits and stay away from Fehmarn if it‘s going to be influenced by the climate change. Around  46% of the guests we’ve been asking, stated they would stay away if a health risk would exist (figure 1). Extreme rainfalls (that would last 4 days on average), would be a reason to stay away for 35% and restrictions concerning swimming caused by jellyfishs or seaweeds (that would last around 3 days), would keep 25%/ 21% oft the people from coming.

79% wish for less Einwegkunststoffe on the island (figure 2). 55% wish for more saisonal and regional food whereas 50% would like to see less use of pesticides.

Based on the results of the survey, we are currently working on the brochure „Handbuch für den ökologischen Urlaub auf Fehmarn“. It contains background-information about the big connection of environment, human and their  consum/behaviour as well as suggestions for  eco-friendly travelling, food, accomodations and activities on the island.

Furthermore we are working on an environmental certification- and informationsystem for holiday accomodations. The new green standard is meant to be implemented as soon as possible.

The brochure and the certificationsystem are going to be improved and expanded regularly within the next years. Many other activities to strenghten the eco friendly touritsector are going to follow for sure.

Figure 1:  Possible reasons for not visiting Fehmarn anymore; as quote of tourists [%], who would stay away because oft he reasons; the survey was in Multiple Choice Format (127 consulted tourist, summer 2019).

Figure 2: meassures and activities, tourists would wish for on Fehmarn; as quote of tourists [%], who would like to see the meassures taken; the survey was in Multiple Choice Format (127 consulted tourists, summer 2019).