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By making a much-needed donation you will support our work to protect our planet and find the solutions to our most important environmental issues.

Even if we receive public funding, it is hugely important for our work to receive regular donations – from supporters like you!


  • Many public project granting schemes finance only partly and expect that applying organizations bring additional money on their own. Bringing this money in is always a great challenge for us.
  • As an organization, we can remain more consistent on the topics of our focus if we are not restricted the topics that are easily funded. For this independence we need own money.
  • Additional funds can be used for a better outreach that is not financed in the projects, e.g. to create, print and ship materials in order to raise awareness among even more people or to take part in NGO and network working groups.

Therefore we ask for your support. Even a small amount of €5.00 a month helps us enormously to continue our work! Join us in raising awareness for the urgent and important issues of our time!

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