Tender: INTERREG First Level Controller

As part of the LandSeaAct project funded by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Program, the Baltic Environmental Forum Germany is looking for a first-level controller.

If you are interested, please send us your offer. The nature and extent of the service to be provided are set out in the service description. Please find it here.

For questions regarding the terms of reference, please contact Mr. Damian Arikas (damian.arikas[at]bef-de[dot]org, 040/53307084).

The offers must be received by 15.07.2019, 24:00 clock either by post or electronically to the following address:

Post Office:

Baltic Environmental Forum Germany e.V.

Easter Road 58

20259 Hamburg

matthias.graetz[at]bef-de[dot]org (in the CC please contact damian.arikas@bef-de.org and parvina.samadova[at]bef-de[dot]org)