Start of Competition for NonHazCity Building Award in the Baltic Sea Region

The NonHazCity Building Award is the first policy prize recognizing best policies in construction in the Baltic Sea Region at local, regional or national level. It aims is to highlight policies protecting people and the environment from hazardous chemicals in buildings, integrating circularity, toxic-free and climate neutrality. The World Future Council coordinates and bestows the award in the framework of the NonHazCity 3 Project.

Municipalities have a responsibility to protect their citizens and the environment from hazardous chemicals and to contribute to climate-neutral and circular construction. We cannot have sustainable cities and communities without sustainable construction. This award helps us to show that sustainable construction is possible and raise awareness among cities to be at the forefront to implement these solutions.

Joosep Vimm, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn

Everyone has a responsibility towards future generations that the building sector can make a contribution to a non hazardous, circular and climate-friendly construction. We invite policymakers, civil society, scientists and citizens to submit their nomination for this unique award. We aim to provide inspiration to showcase innovative solutions.

Alexandra Wandel, Chair, Management Board of the World Future Council

Nominations can be submitted here.

The announcement was made at the conference Driving change: empowering sustainability through green governance that took place at Tallinn Creative Hub as part of Tallinn’s Green Technology Week.

For further information:

Kai Klein, Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia, Tel +372 53 33 8572

Alexandra Wandel, World Future Council, Tel+49 172 748 39 53