LIFE AskREACH helps consumers and companies to apply the “Right to Know” about substances of very high concern in consumer goods

There are thousands of substances used in the production of daily goods. Although many of them do not raise cause for concern, there are some substances which do because of their long term negative effects on our health or the environment. These substances are called substances of very high concern (SVHC), and they can be found in everyday articles.

LIFE AskREACH aims to increase the demand for articles free from SVHC, thereby supporting the substitution of these substances. In order to do so, LIFE AskREACH will raise consumer awareness of substances and remind them of their right to know. The project also facilitate communication between consumers and companies, as well as initiate and guide communication within the supply chain.

To make the information on substances of very high concern (SVHC) in articles more easily available for customers, the project partners will develop a database and a Europe-wide smartphone app which will allow consumers to scan barcodes of articles to determine whether they contain SVHC. If a consumer scans a barcode of an article for which SVHC information is not yet stored in the database, she or he can send an automatically generated request to the supplier.

Project details

  • Project name: LIFE AskREACH
  • Project management: Umweltbundesamt with BEF DE for operational project management
  • BEF sector: Chemicals management
  • Funded by: LIFE
  • Operational time: 09/2017 – 08/2022
  • Partners: 20 Partners
  • Project website:

Participating countries

Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Luxembourg


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