Join the NonHazCity Plastic Diet!

On 03. May 2021 our interactive social media campaign, the NonHazCity Plastic Diet, will launch and we want YOU to join us! With our NonHazCity plastic diet, we will focus not only on reducing plastic in general, but on the harmful chemicals in plastics and how to avoid a risk for your health and for the environment. 

                       Plastics and the hidden threat to your health

With daily posts, science-based knowledge and exciting activities we will offer you plenty opportunities to create a healthier and greener future for yourself and others. 

Our 6week social media campaign will cover the following topics: clothing, sport equipment and bathing tools, home accessories and decorations, toys, children’s furniture and accessories, food contact materials and bioplastic.

                            How can I become part of the campaign?  

Whether you are an organization or a private consumer, if our campaign has inspired you, we would like to invite you to join our campaign. The different opportunities are as follows:  

  • Campaign partner – The campaign team will provide materials for the social media campaign for you to post it.
  • Organisation that takes on a challenge – With our campaign, you as an organisation can pay more attention to hazardous substances in your premises – to raise awareness and reduce the use of hazardous substances.  
  • Participating VIPs and influencers – you would be a face of the campaign and give it a wider reach. We will agree with you about Social Media posts and tasks you choose to implement. 
  • Private consumers – Follow our daily posts and learn where in your everyday life you can find harmful chemicals in plastics and how to avoid a health risk. Through the regular takeaways, you can start making your everyday life healthier, more sustainable and share your results of the NonHazCity plastic diet with likeminded people. 

Protect yourself and the environment – Join the #NonHazPlasticDiet ! 

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Would you like to  join the NonHazCity Platic Diet as an organization or have further questions? Please contact us! 

Baltic Environmental Forum Germany 

Marina Vogel, 

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