INTERREG Project Slam: Second Place for NonHazCity

This final gave us a reason to celebrate: Out of five finalists with impressing performances, we are proud to announce that we’ve reached the second place of the INTERREG Project Slam 2020!

We thank everyone who voted for us for the great support. Another big thank you goes out to our project partners, the INTERREG Secretariat of the Baltic Sea Region, the other finalists and everyone else who has been part of the competition.

And of course, congratulations to the “Walk of Peace” project as the winner of this year´s Project Slam!

We had a lot of fun preparing our performance and learned a lot for the future by packaging our main messages into a five-minute-play.

After participating in an exciting competition these past two months (during which we also reached third place in its Social media Award), we are a little bit sad about the fact that it is already over now!