BEF DE Team checks the chemical management at the INTERREG secretariat in Rostock

On Thursday (10/01/2019) the BEF Germany Team will visit the INTERREG Secretariat in Rostock as part of the „NonHazCity“ project to check for hazardous substances.

The European funding program „INTERREG Baltic Sea Region“ is the funder of our project „NonHazCity“ (Innovative management solutions for minimizing emissions of hazardous substances from small sources) and is going to benefit from our project results: a detailed office check. During the office check typical office utensils (writing utensils, chairs, tables, technical equipment etc.) and also cleaning products in the kitchen and bathroom are checked from a chemical perspective. In the short term health and environment endangering substances need to be identified.

In the long term alternatives must be established. Thus, we hope to create a „greener“ workplace with less hazardous substances.

We look forward to our visit at the INTERREG Secretariat and hope for interesting discussions around the topic „hazardous substances in the office“!