Jonas Gscheidmeyer


Phone: +49 (0) 40/4328 2142

About me

Since my high school days, I have been more involved with the topics of sustainability, environmental and climate protection. Then I realised that without committed people, who are passionate about making a difference, such goals cannot be achieved. Only when as many people as possible join in something can be changed. In order to make my contribution, but also to educate, inform and motivate others, I am doing my Voluntary Ecological Year (“FöJ”) at BEF Deutschland e.V. Here, I have the opportunity to promote environmental education in a collegial environment and to use the facts I learn to inspire people to become change agents themselves. I am convinced that we as a city, as a country and also as a continent can achieve much more than we realise as individuals. Because every contribution that is made is a valuable one!


Job qualifications
Competences and fields of work
Current projets
Job qualifications
  • General qualification for university entrance (Abitur)
Competences and fields of work

      Public relations

  • Social Media, Website

     Environmental communication

  • Development of education concepts

      Project development

  • Support of project coordination
Current projets


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Tel.: +49 (0)40/4328 2142

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The office is in Haus der Zukunft.
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