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Energy and Climate Change

This report has been compiled in the project „Evaluation of energy performance of pilot buildings in Belarus„ (EnPeBel) which took place within the GIZ program “Capacity Development for Climate Policy in the Western Balkan, Central and EasternEurope and Central Asia”. The goal of the project EnPeBel is to improve the quality of construction in refurbishment and new appartment buildings in Belarus. PDF - 4.0 MB (English)

Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic States
PDF – 758 KB

Modeling of buildings using conventional and ecological materials. Evaluation of the eco-performance of buildings
PDF – 3.9 MB (English)

"Energy efficiency in your home": Results from a survey in 12 Central and Eastern European municipalities
PDF – 1.7 MB (English)

Overview and analysis of public awareness raising strategies and actions on energy saving
PDF – 401 KB (English)

Energy efficiency of buildings. Glossary German-English
PDF – 1.4 MB (German, English)

Building best practice in the Baltic States - Status quo and recommendations
PDF – 643 KB (English)

Waste Management

Improving waste prevention policy in the Baltic States 
PDF – 1.2 MB (English)

EU i zaštita okoliša: Gospodarenje otpadom na lokalnoj razini
PDF – 2.5 MB (Croatian version: EU waste policy and municipal waste management)

Политиката на ЕУ за отпадот и нејзината имплементација во општините; Politika e BE për mbeturinat dhe implementimi i saj në komuna 
PDF – 1.9 MB (Maced./Alb.: EU waste policy and municipal waste management)

Water and water management

The Effectiveness of Transboundary River Basin Management with Regard to Public Participation in the Major River Basins of the Baltic States
PDF – 1.1 MB (English)

EU i zaštita okoliša: Upravljanje vodama na lokalnoj razini
PDF – 1.5 MB (Croatian version: EU water policy and municipal water management)

ResponSEAble Key Story Eutrophication PDF – 2.71 MB (English)

Nature conservation and biodiversity

Analysis of the new biogeographical seminar approach for evaluating the effectiveness of management measures in Natura 2000 areas and of the BEF Group’s potential to contribute to this process
PDF – 823 KB (English)

Achieving Environmental Objectives within EU and National Maritime Policies: Analysis of the Situation in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia
PDF – 831 KB (English)

Chemicals and industrial pollution

Hazardous Chemicals: Various information materials for consumers in different languages PDF - (Engl, EST, LV, RU, LT, BY)

The Implementation of the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) in the Baltic States and Russia
PDF – 659 MB (English)

The Russian system of chemicals management
PDF – 2.4 MB (English)

Интегрирано спречување и контрола на загадувањето: Политики на Европска унија и нивна имплементација на локално ниво; Parandalimi dhe kontrolli i integruar i ndotjes - Politikat e Unionit Evropian dhe implementimi i tyre në nivel lokal
PDF – 4.3 MB (Maced./Alb.: The IPPC directive of the EC and its implementation on municipal level)

Proposals for measures and actions for the reduction of pollution from hazardous substances for the Baltic Sea Action Plan
PDF – 553 KB (English)

Capacity development

Performance of Environmental NGOs in Former Soviet Union Countries:A Comparative Study in the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine
PDF – 971 KB (English)

Knowledge and attitudes towards European integration and EU environmental legislation in local self-government in Croatia and Macedonia
PDF – 3.3 MB (English)

Environment, politics and society

EU i zaštita okoliša: Okolišna politika Europske unije (Croatian: Basic principals of EU environmental legislation)
PDF – 1.6 MB

Практичен Водич низ Законодавството за Животна Средина; Doracak praktik nëpër kornizën ligjore për ambientin jetësor (Maced./Alb.: Practical handbook of environmental legislation)
PDF – 7.7 MB

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